Good morning! 

I’m presently taking a Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class through Life.Church. 

My assignment was to make a budget. Not just any old budget. A good one, built upon a zero based budgeting system. I procrastinated. I’m not a numbers girl. I’d rather write or paint or color in an adult coloring book. Anything but math. 😦 But I had to do it. It was the reason I took the class. To fully understand how money works. Spending it and saving it. To learn to control it, so it no longer controlled me. Sans a husband that always did it. 

This particular budget had to budget not only my income and expenses, but those of my father as well. There lie my procrastination.  

Have you ever put your parent on a budget? Given them an allowance? It’s awkward to say the least. That’s their job! They are the ones that provided for us all these years! It’s especially difficult when your only living parent has all their mental faculties in tact. 

But it needed to be done. I’d had the talk. Dad agreed to let me take over his finances. So last night I logged in to his bank account for the first time, and between the two of our accounts I managed to create our budget using the app every dollar recommended by Dave Ramsey himself.

The problem for me is not living within my means. It’s trying to save with a very limited budget. And knowing how to invest properly if I do save. 

I have no debt. My home and car are paid off. I don’t use credit cards. I’m extremely frugal. I always have been. I’m just like Paul in biblical times, I am content with feast or famine. I’ve experienced both in my lifetime. Presently I want and need for very little. . Materially anyway. My life is simple. Spiritually my cup runneth over! I’m finally getting it! But on paper, am I balanced? Do I use my money wisely? I know I will always carry a debt that cannot be repaid to Jesus. 

Can you imagine taking on the U. S. annual  fiscal budget? With a  total gross national debt of  $18.96 trillion. That is gross! 😦

We all need to start with ourselves. That’s all we have control over. We all need to learn to live our lives within our means. And if we have a surplus,  why not share it with those that do not? Then teach that to our children.  And they can in turn teach it to their children.  And so on and so forth. 

The Bible speaks of money often. It’s important to God. It’s important to God that we recognize it’s value. That we be good stewards of His creation. His wealth. He wants us to budget. To sit. To plan. To share. To help. To love. Love mankind,  not money. 

For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it.                                                       Luke 14:28

Love and laughter, 



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