Hard Candy Christmas

Good morning! 

Christmas is in the air! And in the stores. And on my radio. 🙂

I’ve been listening to Christmas carols as I’ve been driving in my car ever since Thanksgiving. Yesterday morning Dolly sang to me on my drive in to work. Hard Candy Christmas.

It left me pondering my own Christmases. Past and present. My how times have changed.  I remember the earlier days of overabundance.  When each person would have six or seven gifts beneath the tree. And then there were additional Santa gifts for the kids.

This year will be more meager. It’s going to be more of a Hard Candy Christmas for me with my savings going to a new air conditioning unit, two recent eye surgeries, and my property taxes being due. 

Just like Dolly’s song says, “I’m barely getting through tomorrow, but I won’t let sorrow bring me way down.” 

I have in the past. Too many times. 😦 But this year is going to be different. 🙂 Instead of counting the number of presents beneath the tree, I’m going to count my blessings! ♡

I have a God who loves me who’s in control. I have two jobs which allow me to work additional hours if necessary to turn my hard candy Christmas to one a little sweeter if need be. I have my health..And I have friends and family to share the holiday season with this year. That’s much more than most. ♡

I can still make it a wonderful Christmas season! 🙂 For starters, I witnessed the spectacular white lights of Christmas at Utica Square this past weekend. I watched White Christmas on TV last Sunday night with my favorite guy. I took my grandchildren to the dollar store yesterday so each could fill a shoe box for a child in need who doesn’t know Jesus. And they got to pick one thing, anything they wanted for themselves in return. A happy birthday mylar balloon for each was the winning ticket! LOL  Oh to be two and four once again! 🙂

I even picked up some hard candy for Christmas while we were there. 🙂 As a reminder.  It’s not the good stuff. The kind of candy were used to eating at Christmas. The homemade fudge. The peppermint bark. It’s the cheap stuff. Not the chocolate. The caramel. Or the nuts. But it’s still sweet! And looks very appealing to the eye.

Let’s all make sure our Christmas holiday season this year is the good stuff. Not the sugar coated pretty on the outside kind of Christmas. But a Christmas where Jesus is still the reason for the season. His birth is the ultimate gift given to all.  Christmas in its purest form. Where children’s laughter resonates on high. Where there is a gift for every child beneath the tree. Where the lights and sounds and scents of the season whisk us off to times and places of earlier more simple, joyous times. Where love is all we need wrapped up in a bow.

That’s the kind of Christmas I’m dreaming of!  Maybe I’ll not have dozens of gifts beneath the tree this year, to give and to get, but that’s okay. Just like Dolly, I’ll still be fine and dandy! 🙂

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.   James 1:17

Love and laughter, 



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