Street Lights

Good morning! 

On the 31st of this past month, I was in Oklahoma City undergoing eye surgery.  I had to spend the night away from home so I could be there for my post op check the following morning.  To remove the bandages from my eye. 

As most of you know, I live with my 86 year old father.  That particular night I left him alone. His car parked in our circular driveway in front of our home. In south Tulsa. Across the street from an elementary school.It was Halloween. 

When I returned the following day, my vision was not quite yet up to par, but I could certainly see well enough to see that his back seat window behind the driver seat had been shattered. Which I later learned most likely was by some type of pellet gun. The car itself held evidence of being shot as well. :(.

My heart sank. Really? South Tulsa? In a decent older neighborhood? By an elementary school?  Ugh! 😦 

What if? What father had been walking to or from his car when this happened? What if my dog in the yard was hit by some traveling projection?

Moments like that you just have to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and thank God for protection. Rather than dwelling on the destruction. And know He’s bigger than he who is in the world. After all, it was Halloween, the night of the supposed walking dead and spirits.

We live on a corner with a street light. Except there is no light. Just the street. The light had not been lit for some time. Making it all the more dark and perilous.

$ 278.27 later,  the window has been fixed. A new one replaces the shattered, broken one. No lives were harmed. All is well. 🙂

And as of yesterday the light is now on. (And perhaps a call to PSO and a message to Lori Fulbright may have helped.)

Street lights. They bring light to the darkness. They offer illumination to help us see.  So does our God. He turns us from darkness to light so we can see our way.  For some of us, He takes our shattered, broken lives, just like that window, and replaces them with something new. A better version of us. He brings light to our situations and opens our eyes to the darkness in our ways so we may see the light. And live a life anew.

Let’s be the street lights in our neighborhoods. Let’s shine in the darkness. In the world around us. Let’s offer a ray of light to a darkened world. Let’s illuminate the love of God to a hurting world. Let’s be more like God and offer protection to others from the destruction of this world  rather than condemnation. 

Tonight as I walk my dog across the street to the park.  In the dark. I will thank God for the light that guides me on our corner. The street light. And for the light that guides me for eternity. My Jesus. ♡ 

.to open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in Me.’                       Acts 26:18

Love and laughter, 



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