You Make My Flag Flutter

Good morning! 

Yesterday morning I was talking to my favorite Alabaman. ♡ He was bound for Tuscaloosa for game day. Roll Tide. 

We conversed about football and tailgating and whether or not it was the actual game of football or the comradery and the drinking that made droves of football fans across America head to the campuses to watch their beloved sport. We commented on fall foliage. Whether or not trees were turning colors in our different parts of the country. We touched upon game day traffic. Leaving early to best avoid it. Somehow the conversation turned to car flags that many fans accessorize their cars with for game day. That flutter in the wind as they make their weekly homages. Their road trips to their favorite college campuses. 


Who or what makes your flag flutter? I hope everyone has someone preferably to something. Mine lives in Alabama.  ♡

But the one that truly makes my flag flutter is omnipresent.  He’s in every car. At every game. On every campus. In every city. And in every heart that wants to accept Him. He’s Jesus Christ.  

I don’t have car flags attached to my car with His name on them, but I do have my radio preset to KXOJ, a Christian music station on my radio. I do have a wall of crosses in my kitchen. Each one holds a special story. Each one given to me by someone special to me. I do have a bible on my phone and in my home and God’s word in my heart. Just like our beloved football fans show their love and admiration for their team, I would hope that my life would show to others that I’m more than just a fan of Jesus, but a follower. In my talk and my walk. How about you?

Let’s all live our lives transparently to others  so that they see we are not only fans but followers of Jesus. Let your flags flutter! 🙂

Jesus said to him, “If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”                                                      Matthew 19:21

Love and laughter, 



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