I Love Snail Mail! ♡

Good morning! 

Snail mail. I don’t know about you, but I usually do not enjoy the task of getting my mail each day. The majority of it just moves from the mailbox to the recycle bin. Junk mail. I rarely even look at it. I usually just pitch the advertisements.  The remainder is usually bills. 😦 

No Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes winner announcement has ever graced my mailbox. No personal cards or letters ever fill my little black box. 😦 Personal greetings via snail mail has become a thing of the past.

But this last week I hit the jackpot! I received not just one, but two direct mail flyers in my snail mail for a free item! Free! No purchase necessary. No strings attached.  🙂 And they were both for food items I actually liked! ♡ 

Who doesn’t like cake and pizza? 🙂

Nothing Bundt Cakes offered a free bundlet! My favorite go to dessert! ♡ I couldn’t have received a better surprise in the mail!  I picked up two. One for me and one to share.  White Chocolate Raspberry for me! Yum! Yum!

Then a few days later dad and I had a totally free large ham and pineapple pizza compliments of Domino’s . All I had to do was go and pick it up. Carry out. I added a garden salad upon arrival, so I wouldn’t be rude and accept something free without purchasing something. They threw in the salad for free as well! 🙂 I couldn’t give them any money if I tried! That day. But their marketing ploy worked. 🙂 Just like Arnold in The Terminator,  I’ll be back. Pizza for dinner. Salad to school the next day for lunch! 🙂 You can’t beat that deal. 

I live on a tight budget, so I love getting unexpected little treats like that in the mail! You can bet this girl will be checking the junk mail of her snail mail a little more closely from now on! 🙂

Now if any of you want to send those personal cards and letters to add to my excitement over snail mail, I’ll gladly offer up my address. LOL 

Did you know that God offers you a free gift too? Every day. It doesn’t come in your mailbox.  It’s called life. It’s called today. It’s called the present. After all, what gift isn’t called a “present”?  

He gave us the gift of His son. Free of charge. For the taking. In exchange for ours. So we could live eternally. His strings attached are to our hearts. ♡ 

If you haven’t already, why not accept that gift while you’re waiting for your snail mail to bring you its less trivial surprises? ♡ I know I did, and it’s a gift I’ll never be returning!  Thank you Jesus! 

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.                                                 John 3:16

Love and laughter, 


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