The Hunt

Good morning! 

It’s hunting season! Hunting to a man is like shoe shopping to a girl. It’s all anout the hunt. 

Men get together over beer and cocktails.  They plan the hunt which usually takes place on weekends. At a camp. On the day of the hunt, they dress up in hunting attire: hunter or fluorescent orange, camo, a hat, boots, and a gun or a bow.

Girls meet over coffee. Preferably at Starbucks. Then on to the mall or square. Usually on Saturdays.  They dress: in attire that is comfortable. 🙂

Both parties spend hours on end on the hunt. Seeking out their prey. For men it’s quail or pheasant or deer. For women it’s heels or boots or that perfect pair to match “the dress”.:)

For men it’s all about the permit. The license. The tag to know the limits of game they can bag and bring home.

For women it’s all about the style, the designer, the price tag to determine how many they bring home. But rarely the comfort.

When all is said and done, both parties enjoy the hunt regardless of whether they bring home their prize or not. For some the kill of the hunt is the thrill, but for most the comradery shared usually defines it’s sucess. That perfect shoe usually only exists in fairy tales like Cinderella. The shoe shopping experience is much more than simply acquiring the sale. It’s that girlfriend time shared with your special friend. 

The hunt is not always for wild game or shoes. We can all enjoy hunting for something regardless of being male or female. Let’s all make an effort no matter what season it is to hunt for those around us that need the love of Christ in their lives. Let’s all enjoy the time well spent in the company of others no matter what it is we are doing. May each of you, no matter what you are hunting for, find it. 

Now then, get your equipment–your quiver and bow–and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me.   Genesis 27:3

Love and laughter, 



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