Second Chances

Good morning! 

T recently had the opportunity to sit and chat with my dearest sweet friend since college.The one person that knows all my secrets. My go to girl to share life’s celebrations and life’s heartaches. We have several parallels in our lives. We each have three children. Similar values. Similar political views. We both have a great love of family and loyalty towards them. And we both have aging parents. That  have lived with us as of late .

Our conversation this particular evening focused primarily on our aging parents.  And those issues that none of us want to ever have to deal with, but we do. When the roles reverse, and we have to see our parents decline, and we become the parent. The fears. The tears. The laughter. The heartache. The frustrations. We together bared our souls of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

How many of you have ever said or done something to someone dear to you that you wished you could have handled differently and your greatest wish would be to have a second chance? You feel you were given an opportunity, and you missed it. 😦 Sometimes we have that opportunity and are given another chance. But sometimes we are not. 😦

I was not given that opportunity with my own mother. My last memory with my mother when she was living was her asking me to help her drain and prepare her swimming pool for the remainder of the summer.  She had left her pool covered late into the summer to offer a sanctuary to a duck family until they all took flight. I saw no reason for her to put such work into it since she and my dad rarely used it and my children were grown and busy in their own lives. None of us would probably be using it. She also asked my 3 daughters for help, but we were all too busy. In actuality we were all too selfish to help.Doing our own thing.  She had a tragic accident and fell in that pool and died. Would we do it differently if given another chance? Most definitely!  We all still carry the guilt in our own way over our choices.

Let’s not be people of guilt. Let’s not let satan steal our joy. God forgives. Again and agsin. Our God is a god of second chances. And new beginnings.Look at the lives of Moses, David, Zacchaeus, Peter, and the thief on the cross. Let’s start by forgiving ourselves. And learn from our mistakes. Then forgive others for theirs.

I love the words of Helen Keller:

Let’s all make sure we are slow to anger and quick to edify others. Let’s not be quarrelsome with others. Let’s forgive. Let’s see the best in everything. You never know when you may not have a second chance to fix something.  I know because I lost jyst such an opportunity. With my own mother. Today I’m wiser. And I pray that someday my guardian angel will give me back my opportunity to do it rightly. ♡

God, my God, I yelled for help and you put me together. God, you pulled me out of the grave, gave me another chance at life when I was down-and-out.”                  Psalm 30:2

Love and laughter, 



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