Seeing Through God’s Eyes

Good morning! 

I am somewhat at a disadvantage this morning.  Visually speaking.  I have one eye that has a month’s recovery behind it, but is still somewhat hazy,  not from my earlier surgery, but from scar tissue found from a prior cataract surgery years ago. Repairing that is another day. Another story. In Tulsa. The other eye is still patched from yesterday’s surgery.  It will soon be uncovered as I visit the surgeon’s office for my post op check.

 But it’s got me thinking. How much we take that which we have for granted. Especially our eyes. Our eye sight. The physical eye is arguably one of the two most important sense organs we possess.

When our attention is attracted to something remarkable, we call it “eye-catching,” or an “eye-opener.” When we watch something carefully, we are said to “keep our eye on the ball,” or are asked to “keep our eyes peeled” for the object we seek. When a person is skilled at a task, he is said to “have an eye fo it”, as when an interior decorator “has an eye for color.” 

In the Bible the eye is the organ of perception, and perception involves more than just our physical sight.

Eyes find their way into our descriptions of objects and natural phenomena as well. When we track a hurricane, we send meteorologists into the “eye of the storm,” the calm center around which the winds swirl. When we thread a needle to sew, we thread it through the “eye of the needle.” Potatoes have “eyes” which can be planted, and one of the fine cuts of beef is known as the “eye of round.” We have a pair of teeth we call the “eye teeth.” And when we speak to someone face-to-face, we make “eye contact.” 
When popular Christian writer, C. S. Lewis talked about reading literature, he said reading allows us to see with others’ eyes. There he sees through a myriad eyes. 

Presently my sight is not it’s optimal condition. That too shall pass. I hope. :).So for now I  do not worry. I do not fear. I simply choose to see through God’s eyes. To rely on Him to show me His vision for me. To trust in His plan for my outcome. And maybe just rely on seeing as God sees, through His eyes, less through my eyes and more through my heart. ♡

“his eyes were like a fiery flame” in the midst of the lampstands.             Revelation 1:14

Love and laughter, 



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