Happy Halloween! 

Good morning! 

Happy Halloween!

No trick or treating for me this year. 😦 Unless of course I’d like to be a pirate in OKC this Halloween. Arrrr! 

Today I’m having surgery on my right eye. Round two. Hopefully the last of my OKC eye surgeries.  A few more follow up post op check up appointments after today and tomorrow, and this shall be behind me. My right eye will remain patched this Halloween until my recheck tomorrow morning,.so why not play the role and be a pirate? 🙂 But I want to be a nice one. And  a cute one too please if I possibly can. 🙂

Pirates are known for searching for treasure. Hidden treasure. The treasure was usually thought to be buried, and a map was ususlly involved with an “X” to mark the spot so the buccaneer might someday return and claim his booty. 

Lots of things can be hidden besides pirate’s treasures.We still today often hide something of value to us for safekeeping.  

We as Christians csn hide God’s Word in our hearts like hidden treasure. That’s one of the most precious treasures we can possibly have! And no one can take it away from us! Our map is our bible. It leads us to the spot where the treasure lies hidden. The “X” is God’s word. His commandments. His direction.  His examples for the way we should live.

Our hearts are the center of our being, the hub of our emotional, physical, and spiritual life. Our hesrt is our source of life.The heart is deeper than we really know. We may love others deeply, and they love us. But our whole heart is known only to God. But the Psalmist believed, and Scripture teaches, that even though we can’t know our heart fully, or change it ourselves, we can store treasures there, and give it to God to mold and soften as He sees fit.

May each of you store up a wealth of treats this evening. In your Halloween treat bag..But I hope you store up a wealth of treasures in your heart as well. For God’s treasure lasts way beyond the chocolates of Halloween.  It lasts for eternity. So why not start hiding it now today for your future. I don’t know what costume you will be donning this Halloween,  but I can tell you this. I’ll gladly trade in my pirate’s patch for angel wings any day! 🙂

Ahoy Mateys! Have a fun and safe Halloween!  

I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.       Psalm 119:11

Love and laughter, 



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