Angels Among Us

Good morning! 

We all have them. Special people that cross our paths at some time or another in our lives and leave footprints on our souls. They may just touch our lives for a brief instant, a season, or they may remain lifelong friends. Whatever the case, we will never forget them. Our lives will never be the same. They are angels on earth. Angels that walk among us.

You may not see their wings or halos. But you’ll certainly feel their presence. They’re  those people that stand out from the crowd. That follow their own path. That illuminate the path for others.

I’ve been blessed with several of those people in my life. My Aunt Barb. Mark and Jan Gregston. Mark and Jana Hoffman. Basil James. Just to name a few. They are the people that have loved me unconditionally. During my toughest moments. In spite of my flaws. That put the effort in to help grow me to be a better person in some way or another. To help me through the drama, the heartbreak, the loss I have suffered in my life. Usually through their own quiet example.

Let’s all take a moment and think about those people in our lives.  Let’s thank God for them. Let’s drop them a note or give them a call and thank them. And let’s go that extra mile and be those kind of people to others. Others who are broken or hurting and need our encouragement.  Our support.  Our love.♡

And speaking of angels on earth,      Happy birthday,  Jayme!                          This is your day. May you enjoy it to its fullest. Thank you for being an angel that walks among us. To so many people. But most of all to me. ♡

For he will put his angels in charge of you, to guard you in all your ways.     Psalm 91:11

Love and laughter, 



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