A Mouse In My House

Good morning! 

I found a mouse in my house! 😦 And a cat no longer resides in my house to rid me of such a pesky varmint. Therefore I shall be spending my fall break cleaning my entire house from top to bottom and filling any openings I can find that a mouse could possibly enter my home through,  and setting out mouse traps. I might add, I only do the no view no touch kind of traps. 

I am not frightened by a tiny mouse. I just am totally unnerved by the presence of such rodents living in my home. They are unclean. They do not belong indoors. They are uninvited guests. And they have to go! 

I’m prepared to follow up with an exterminator to solve the problem if need be. I’ve already got the exterminator in place. This is all out war. A battle I’m determined to win.

Let’s all make sure others don’t see us as the mouse in the house. As pesky varmints that appear and lurk around looking for whatever they can take. Bringing unclean words and thoughts and actions into our lives. The kind of people you want to rid yourself of in your life.

Let’s all instead be people who are welcomed wherever they may go. People that bring a smile and love wherever they may enter. People that make this world a better place. 

Good riddance to the mouse in my house! Welcome Jesus in my heart! ♡

Now these are to you the unclean among the swarming things which swarm on the earth: the mole, and the mouse, and the great lizard in its kinds,           Leviticus 11:29

Love and laughter, 



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