Good morning!

The party’s over. I’m another year older. And hopefully wiser.:) Back to the grind. 

Today I want to talk about a subject that is near and dear to my hesrt. β™‘ RX. Prescription drugs. Pharmaceuticals. Medicine. 

I have used daily eye drops to lower my eye pressures for years.  I recently had to pick up three additional prescriptions to use post surgery. They are little bottles. Extremely little bottles. 2.5 ml size. The one prescription alone was $199.00. That was with insurance! 😦 

Fortunately I was given a manufacturer’s coupon at the eye surgeon’s office which I was told I could use to lower the price. And indeed it did! It went from $199.00 to $35.00.

I don’t want to go blind, but I can hardly afford to pay my utility bills and for my eye drops in the same pay period. The costs of medications have gotten ridiculous! I’m single living on a paraprofessional salary. Thank goodness I have decent state employee insurance. But I know I am not alone. 

I recently heard a similar story from a friend that was given a prescription for a small tube of cream by a dermatologist.  The cost was $500.00 with insurance.  He, too, was able to use a manufacturer’s coupon which brought it from $500.00 to $75.00. 

I so feel for our seniors on limited income with limited insurance having to fill their prescriptions. I see it living with my dad. He has quite a few prescription medications. 

Medicare. Obamacare. I think they need to change it from Obamacare to Obama careless. 

The next time you have to fill a prescription ask your physician if they make it in a generic.  It will cost less. If not ask the physician and the pharmacist for manufacturer’s coupons, pharmaceutical coupons, or discount cards. Check the Internet for prescription assistance programs or online coupons.  If you need medicine use it. If you or someone you know needs assistance paying for your medicines ask for help. Probably best to seek another source than our government for help. 😦

The Bible itself speaks of medicines to heal. Jesus came as the great healer. 

Let’s all prayerfully turn to Christ for our ultimate healing. And maybe a prayer or two directed towards our upcoming presidential leader to reform our healthcare wouldn’t be such a bad idea while you’re at it. πŸ™‚

Babylon will suddenly fall and be broken.Wail over her! Get balm for her pain, perhaps she can be healed.                 Jeremiah 51:8

Love and laughter, 



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