Warm Fuzzies

Good morning! 

I’ve recently had the privilege to work in another classroom on several occasions. With students a year older. A pre-K classroom with one of the most gifted teachers I’ve ever witnessed. She has such a way with her children. You could drop a pin in her classroom and hear it. Her children are so well behaved, yet they love her dearly. We all do! She mesmerizes all with her teaching style, creativity, and overall excellence.  

One of my favorite things in her classroom is her warm fuzzies jar.

She will tell you it makes her heart happy to see her “friends” doing something nice for each other. Or something exceptional. When she sees a random act of kindness or excellence from one of her friends, she has them take a cotton ball from her desk and put it into her warm fuzzies jar. When the jar is full, the students will receive a special celebration or treat of some kind.

I love that! ♡ It gives me warm fuzzies just hearing about it! 

She is the epitome of encouragers. She knows how to build her students up. That’s just how Christ wants us to be. He wants us to fill a warm fuzzy jar for everyone we come in contact with!
I love warm fuzzies! ♡

A warm fuzzy is any person or thing that gives others comfort, reassurance, or a friendly feeling.

How about you? 

What gives you warm fuzzies?  What do you do for others that gives them warm fuzzies?

Puppies, children’s laughter, human touch, fireplaces, walks along a beach, fireflies on a warm summer night, Hallmark movies, a bedtime phone call. Those are all warm fuzzies to me. 

I try to write a word of encouragement every morning in my blog with a scripture to encourage others in their daily walk. I make a point to greet everyone I see each day with a sincere greeting and a warm smile to start their day. I try to compliment others every opportunity I have.

There’s no better place to go to get your warm fuzzies than the feet of Christ. People and things can offer them, but temporarily.  Only Christ offers permanent warm fuzzies to all.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.                                                            1 Thessalonians 5:11

Love and laughter,



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