Good morning! 

Monday was my one week post op check since my eye surgery. My eye surgeon is located in Oklahoma City. Home of the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

As I drove into the city, I saw signs directing to the Memorial. I couldn’t help but be reminded of that tragic day over 21 years ago. The first time our nation fell to such large scale violence from terrorism. 

Monday was a beautiful day, and the Memorial was not far away. I’d been there several times before, but I decided to make a little pitstop on my ride home and stop by it.  

The symbolic chairs glistened in the midday sunlight. Some tall, some small, representing both adult and child lives lost in the horrific tragedy.

As I walked around the grounds reflecting, I was feeling thankful and optimistic from the recent results I’d just received from my eye doctor appointment. My post op check. 

Post. It’s defined as after in time or order.

I was suddenly saddened as I gazed upon The Gates of Time. 9:01, found on the eastern gate, represents the last moments of peace, prior to the bomb explosion. 9:03 on the western gate, symbolizes the first moments of recovery following the act of violence. 


Post 9:01 so many lives were changed. One minute each of the lives represented by The Field of Empty Chairs were vibrant, busy, alive on those same grounds in a nine story building some 21 years prior. The next minute their innocent lives were cut short at the hands of evil. 

It still sickens me to this day. Can you imagine how Jesus feels to see such unnecessary destruction to His children? I can tell you. It’s written on the church across the street from the site. Jesus wept.

We all did. Not just Oklahoma City or Oklahoma.. But nationwide.  Worldwide. And we still do today at the hands of any violence. 

May each of us count our blessings each and every day. For the gift of sight. For the gift of life. For the privilege to live in America.  For a loving, good God. 

None of us know what lies ahead of this very present moment in time. Only our God knows the after. The post.

I hope and pray that each of you are living your life with a purpose. That you make each day count. So that your “post” life offers you love and eternity with our heavenly father. 

Jesus wept.                                                     John 11:35

Love and laughter, 



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