Columbus Day

Good morning! 

Yesterday was Colmbus Day. The day we honor Christopher Columbus. The man accredited to discovering that the earth was round. Although ancient Greeks had already known the earth was not flat. 

He is known for sailing three ships from Spain in search for a new trade route. As was common of the time, the crews gave each ship nicknames. La Santa Clara became la Niña (“the girl”); la Pinta became la Pintada (“the painted one,” in other words, “the prostitute”); and la Santa Gallega became Maria Galante (the name of another prostitute). The church censored these nicknames.leaving us the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria that we know today. Another misconception.  Would we really still be honoring a man whose ships were named for prostitutes if we knew better?

Many people of days gone by believed out of ignorance that the earth was flat.They feared falling off its edge as they sailed to its outer limits. 

What misconceptions are you walking around believing today?  

I’ll be glad to tell you one you may have heard is a misconception, but is a solid truth. Jesus Christ is Lord. That’s one truth I refuse to let science dictate for me.

Here’s to truth. May it set you free. And here’s to Christopher Columbus, without him, we’d have no holiday in mid October or chance to get some great deals on appliances and mattresses! 🙂

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.                             John 8:32

Love and laughter, 



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