Saddle Up!

Good morning! 

This weekend was another weekend of continued clean up of the family home. Yesterday’s find in the garage uncovered an old McClellan Cavalry Saddle circa the early 1900s. 

My dad used to collect old saddles. They used to line the balcony upstairs hanging there for all to see. The house I grew up in resembled Gilcrease Museum with its Cowboy and Indian paraphernalia scattered throughout. 

We no longer have a horse. We are not a member of any militia. So there is no need to keep this treasure from the past. Ebay it is. We dusted it off and cleaned it up a bit with saddle soap. We took a few pictures, and now it’s ready to be placed on Ebay. One man’s trash is always another man’s treasure!  

It’s kind of sad to think that a couple of hundred bucks now equates to one of life’s most treasured items to a calvary man. His saddle. Right up there behind his horse. And his weapon. His coveted items necessary for battle. By day his saddle offered him a seat which made his ride more bearable. By night it offered a place to rest his head.

I spent many a day in my younger years perched upon a saddle. There’s nothing like a girl and her horse. ♡ The smell of saddle soap immediately took me back to days of old. How I miss riding horses! Not for battle of course. For fun. For the sheer enjoyment. Galloping across fields or rings counting each stride to the next jump that lie before me. Being as one with another living being. An animal of close to half a ton being held within the confines of my two hands and two legs. Commands so precise and slight they were hidden to the common bystander. Yet my steed knew exactly what I was requesting, almost thinking. It was like a dance. Two partners synchronized as one.

I never really thought about it like this before, but that’s kind of how it is with God. We should be so close, so in tune with His direction for us in our lives that others will never see where one begins and the other ends. 

Let’s all saddle up! Let’s learn to be as one with our God. Let’s ride off into the sunset of our lives with the wind in our faces, the ground beneath our feet, and the spirit of God in our souls. God alone can give you the ride of a lifetime like no other. Just hop on. Saddles are optional.  🙂

And he said unto his sons, Saddle me the ass. So they saddled him the ass: and he rode thereon,                                                     1 King 13:13

Love and laughter, 



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