I Protest!

Good morning! 

This is the American flag. A symbol of who we are. Males, females, blacks, whites, law enforcement,  politicians, athletes, gays, transgenders, Christians, atheists, and everything in between all included.
A recent shooting in Tulsa has gone viral. It reached CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and who knows what other sources of newsworthy events. Why did our local news spread so quickly? 

Because it was fatal, and it involved a white female Tulsa police officer and an unarmed black man. 

The officer was charged Thursday with first-degree manslaughter less than a week after she killed the man on a city street on September 16th.

This wasn’t a first for Tulsa. Earlier this year, a white former volunteer deputy with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office was sentenced to four years in prison after he was convicted of second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of another unarmed black man.

Tulsa’s prompt legal action with this past week’s shooting was the antithesis to that of Charlotte, North Carolina, where police refused to release video of the shooting of another black man this week by a law officer and protests resulted in the shooting death of a protestor.

Tulsa’s protests remained more of a peaceful rally. Instead of turning to guns, many within the Tulsa community turned to prayer.

And then there’s our professional athletes who have joined the bandwagon and sparked another movement by showing their disdain by protesting against standing for our national anthem before sporting events. 

Before that it was Trump and Hillary everyone was protesting about. Every city on the campaign trail has had their share of protestors. 

The names and details do not need to be mentioned here.  We all know them. They continue to happen across our nation. The sensationalism of our media catches hold, and it spreads like wildfire. It fans the flame. It stirs up unrest. 

What does need to be mentioned here is emotional reaction is not the answer to anything. Violence is not the answer to stopping violence. 

Respect is the answer. Respect for human life. Respect for our law officers that were created to protect from harm.  Respect for the symbols that represent our country. Our freedom. Our national anthem. Our flag. Our elected officials.  

I protest! 😦   I protest to protesting!           I don’t know about you,  but I’m sick and tired of sitting back and watching the country I live in constantly be trashed by some group or another.  I’m an optimist. My cup is half full. I believe America is the best country. It was founded on freedom and principles of value. I believe in the power of love. That God is good. That God created all mankind equally.
There’s always going to be something to complain about. There always have been and there always will be people who do not make good choices. It’s not people that are bad. It’s their choices. All blacks, all whites, all law officials, all politicians are not bad. A few bad apples does not require the entire orchard to be burnt down.

Lets all stop being so negative! I’d love to turn on the TV, the radio, open a newspaper and find a story commending our country’s patriotism. I’d love the daily headlines to read something positive for a change.

I challenge each of you to help spread positive rather than negative behavior. It starts within. The next time you want to complain instead offer a solution. A better more positive way to do something. Stand behind a cause you believe in rather than trash one you don’t.  Let’s make our actions the opposite of protest. Let’s display acceptance, agreement. Let’s rally for support of our country. It’s still the best one we’ve got. Let’s make it even better. Together,  as God created it.  

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.                                                   Galatians 3:28

Love and laughter, 



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