Good morning! 

Have you ever lay on your back outdoors and simply watched the clouds? Tried to make the cloud formations into recognizable shapes? If so, you join the ranks of being an official nephelococcygiac. Nephelococcygia is the act of finding shapes in clouds. 

Yesterday as I was sitting in another classroom helping out,  the teacher asked her students for ideas on what they could write about at their bookmaking station. Several students offered ideas. One would make a suggestion and the next five would raise their hands and mimic the same response. Gotta love pre-K!  πŸ™‚ Eventually one four year old offered a novel idea! Watching clouds. Sounded like a blog to me! πŸ™‚

 How many of you see clouds in this picture?  How many of you see a whale or dolphin? πŸ™‚ There’s no doubt in my mind. It’s an aquatic marine mammal if I’ve ever seen one. And I have seen a few. β™‘

I remember turning clouds into animals as a child. I remember teaching my own children to do the same as they stared into the clouds. Oh what we can conceive if we just use our imaginations! The possibilities are endless!

There will be a day when Christ returns again. In the clouds. No one knows when. Except the Father. When it does occur, there will be no mistake.  It will not be our imaginations. It will not formations resembling the shape of  Jesus. It will be Jesus!

Now thats something to write about! Something to shout about! Or something to fall to the ground in awe about. Whatever your style, let’s all be ready! No need to be a  nephelococcygiac and incessantly lay on our backs outdoors and watch the clouds for His return. Just live our lives according to the Master’s plan. Then we will be ready.  

What you see is what you get. Christ coming in the clouds. Let’s live our lives the same. What others see about us is what they get. No hidden agendas. No lies. No deception.  Nothing but the truth and love. I encourage each of us to no longer let our thoughts and ways be clouded with sinful ways. Instead let’s all turn our sights upward. Let’s look to the skies. The heavens. For our redeem in grace.

BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. So it is to be. Amen.                        Revelation 1:7

Love and laughter, 



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