A Price To Pay

Good morning! 

Every day that we choose not to live our lives authentically we pay a price. Real. Genuine. Worthy of trust. Kinds of lives In our jobs. In our relationships. 

Too often we have a plan. A good plan. But things just don’t work out as planned. They head south.

So we follow another path. Often times someone else’s. Often times we hide behind that which we know best for fear of failing at what we know least. Many careers have taken the place of families. Many families have taken the place of education. If we can’t have our original plan, we often settle. For second best. Or we return to the familiar, something we’d once left behind. Those aren’t necessarily our best choices. 

We stick to an occupation that we really don’t love or feel called to do for far too long because we do it well and are paid for it. W stay in a relationship far too long being miserable because it’s the easier thing to do. The unknown can be terrifying.  We exchange our passions for security. We allow our circumstances to dictate over our own creative choice. We take the easy road. Only to cost us dearly. Of our time. Our energies. And our calling

God truly wants His best for us! He has a plan for each of us. If we’ll only learn to seek for it. Then step out and trust Him to follow it.

What have you lost out on because you chose a path to live and you denied yourself your true passions? What price have you paid?

Christ paid the ultimate price. He offered His life in exchange for ours. Death on a cross. For our sins. Now that’s passion! He gave us His very best. 

Now let’s give Him ours! Let’s give our utmost excellence to everything we do. As if for Christ. Let’s be real, genuine to follow Christ’s callings for our lives. Let’s stop settling for second best. Let’s be passionate about all that we do. 

There’s a price to pay for anything we consider of value. A price to pay to purchase it or a price to pay because we accept Christ.  His love is free for the taking. Why not accept that free gift today?

You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men.                                   1 Corinthians 7:23

Love and laughter, 



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