Good morning! 

Yesterday we got a new ball for our classroom.  A JUMBO ball. A ball that two of our students can fit in together at the same time. A ball that holds 150 pounds inside it. A ball that took me almost 30 minutes to inflate using the school’s air compressor. A ball so fun that I had to climb in it and try it for myself once I finished inflating it. 🙂

It was indeed fun! 🙂 I’m a big kid at heart! I love playing with our friends not just watching them play! And they are so going to love that ball! ♡ I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces as they each get the opportunity to play in it. 

Play. Something we do for recreation or enjoyment. Usually as children. It’s something many of us take for granted.  Until we live with or work around children that can’t play like other children. Play is used to teach in our classroom. Teach language skills. Teach gross and fine motor skills. Teach independence. Our nonverbal friends learn to request what they want using visuals. Our friends sing and they clap. They stomp and they jump. They throw and kick a ball. They learn to hold a marker. Zip a zipper. Pick up their toys. All while they play.

I long for the day when all children can play. When there are no more developmental  differences. When all children can walk and run and jump and speak and laugh and see and hear. 

I encourage each of you to never miss an opportunity to play. Especially if given by a child. The wonder of it all, seeing through the eyes of a child, hearing them squeal with glee, their precious belly laughs, the honesty they bring, is simply priceless. A true gift from God.  ♡ Slow down and enjoy the moment to its fullest.  Never be too busy to play. Children grow up. And the housekeeping can wait. Childhoods cannot. One blink and they’re gone. 

Here’s to play! The opposite of work. May we keep the two in perfect balance. And may we find ourselves living the Christian life as simple as child’s play. Something easily done. 

Now off to school I go. To play. With the big yellow ball. And my friends.  ♡ 

The city parks will be filled with boys and girls. They will play in the city’s open parks.                                                 Zechariah 8:5

Love and laughter, 



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