Hometown Rivals

 Good morning!

Last night was a big night for high school football in Tulsa. Several hometown rivals matched up against each other for some exciting high school Friday night entertainment. 

For starters there was the game of the week. The Backyard Bowl.

I have 3 daughters. 🙂 They all went to Union. Back in the day, I saw my share of Backyard Bowls. Times three. I had girls. I had the cheerleaders and the Highsteppers and the soccer players. But it never stopped me from watching the football players. Who in America doesn’t love football?  â™¡ I attended the Backyard Bowl with three different classes of high schoolers. It never grew old. There is nothing better than some good ol’ rivalry to get your blood circulating. 🙂 

Now I’m on the other side of the field. My children are grown.  Now I have a new generation of children to watch. My friends at Jenks West Elementary where I work. I’ve traded my Redskins wear for that of the Trojans.

And the real dilemma will be when my own grandchildren who will be attending Union take on my students from Jenks. On which side will I sit then? 🙂 I’ll worry about that when that decade finally rolls around. 🙂 You’ve gotta love rivalry! ♡

Back to last night’s Backyard Bowl. That infamous non conference game where Union and Jenks high schools played before some 16,000 fans at the neutral venue of University of Tulsa’s H. A. Chapman Stadium. Jenks defeated Union with a 35 to 28 victory. Go Trojans! 🙂 Looks like I can go back to school Monday with my head held high. Kudos to the high school! I’ve already got one in our three year old pre-K class that’s got future Trojan football player written all over him! 🙂

The high school game I attended last night was the Midtown Classic.  Here Tulsa Public Schools Memorial took on their long time rival, Edison at Memorial Stadium, home turf to both for a 28 to 7 win. Go Chargers!  

The weather with its earlier rain ceasing and milder  temperatures,  the crowds, the victories for both my favorite teams, all made last night’s high school rivalries a great sucess. In my eyes. 🙂 @But not all rivalries always turn out successful. 

A rival is defined as a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity.

How many of you remember the bible story about Cain and Abel?

They were the sons of Adam and Eve. They were brothers. Yet they were rivals. Or at least Cain was. Cain was the farmer. Abel the shepherd. Cain was so jealous of his brother’s favor with God over each of their offerings that he killed him. 😦 And then proceeded to trick his own father into receiving his brother’s birthright.

A little rivalry is good. It bumps up the competition a notch or two and provides added energy and excitement to the game. Too much rivalry is not. 

Let’s all be Abels instead of Cains in life. Let’s win at what we do fair and square. Let’s be good sports whether we win or lose. Sharing the excitement for others in their victories. And let’s always remember it matters not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. 

Here’s to hometown rivalries! May the best man win!

And it came about when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him.                                               Genesis 4:8


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