No words

Good morning! 

This past weekend we were driving down the street and came upon an intersection where we found a gentleman standing on the street corner holding a sign. We looked closer to see what it read. Expecting something like “Will work for food.” Or “Lost job, donations appreciated.”  Instead we found it totally blank. 

What did that mean? We assumed he was unaware that he was holding it backwards and his message was on the other side. But maybe not. 😦  What if that was his message?

Perhaps he had no words. No words to describe his need. It was too great. Too overwhelming. No words to describe his pain. It was too deep. No words to ask for help. He was so lost he didn’t even know what he wanted or needed.

Our lives are just like that sign. A blank canvas. What would you put on your sign for all to see if you were standing on a street corner today? What would you ask for help with?
I have had times in my life that I felt so distraught,  so overwhelmed that I just wanted to run away. Escape my reality. But I didn’t.  Well, maybe I escaped to the privacy of my room with a pint of gelato and a chick flick for a couple of hours, but never to reside under a bridge. On the other hand, I have never battled mental illness or drug or alcohol abuse or tremendous loss that totally devestated me, but I do have an aching compassion for the homeless. Homeless, not hopeless. Any one of us could be one step away from joining them if our circimstances were different. With mental or physical imbalance, no financial resources, no support system of family, friends, or church, those times that life gives you lemons, could put you over the edge making your life as you once knew it seem hopeless. 

No one is hopeless.  God is our hope. He will lift you from the lowest of lows. And place you on mountaintops. Don’t despair. Don’t give up. Tomorrow is a new day. A new chance to get it right.  For those times in life when you are too overburdened to even know where to turn, remember the Holy Spirit does. He lives within you. He will speak for you. Offering prayers to God to intervene on your behalf.

To all my friends out there with their signs. Your stories I know not. What I do know is this. We live in a world where there is pain and sorrow. You evidently have experienced both. Your story matters not. What does matter is God’s love for you.  For all of us. And our love for our God and our fellow man. For all those hurting and in need. Let’s all be God’s hands and feet to our hurting world. Let’s all look at our world through God’s eyes. Through God’s heart. When we know not the story, but can see a need.  Let’s all let the Holy Spirit that resides in each of us offer up prayers for help.Prayers for them. And prayers for us. Asking God how we can help them. His children. For them prayers for healing. Prayers for restoration. For all those in need. No words are necessary.  Just an unconditional love. ♡

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.                                                   Romans 8 26

Love and laughter, 



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