Good morning!

Saturday afternoon I turned on the TV as I was looking over some material for an upcoming test. It was on channel 312, the Hallmark channel. A movie entitled My Summer Prince was on. It was already about 30 minutes into it when I turned it on so i didn’t see it in its entirety. It was more background noise. Chick flick background noise. ♡ I wasn’t really paying attention. ‘Til the end. A one liner caught my attention.

Keep your eyes on me and the trick is anticipating the changes together . She didn’t know how to waltz. The prince did. It was his only instruction to waltzing. Being the hopeless romantic I am, i loved that line! I would have loved to have some man give me those instructions.  On or off a dance floor! Prince or no prince!

Forget waltzing. That’s how we should all go through life. With the one we love, but more so with Jesus.

When one does the waltz it is not done alone, but with a partner. They must touch. Hold hands. Gently grasping their partner’s back and shoulder. They must listen. Following the rhythm of the music. They learn to mirror each other’s moves.They connect. They become a new identity. The two become one. One couple waltzing across the floor. It is beautiful to watch. So synchronized.

Have you ever watched an elderly couple who have been married for many years? Perhaps your grandparents.  They have so learned to “waltz” together through life. They can anticipate each other’s moves so well they can finish each other’s sentences. They can anticipate each other’s unspoken needs. They no longer need to keep their eye on their partner to know. There is no longer a need to anticipate. They already know. They have become one.  They have weathered ample changes together.

Let’s all waltz our way through life. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize.  Jesus. Let’s anticipate life’s changes together with Him. Let’s hold His hand. Let’s let Him take the lead. Let’s become one with Him. Know Him so well we know how He would finish our sentences. Hold His words near to our hearts. Synchronize our moves to His.  And before the music ends, may each of you enjoy the dance.

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.                               Hebrews 12 2

Love and laughter,



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