Good morning! 

After over 15 years of working at St. Francis, I’m presently only working there at The Children’s Hospital one night a week. 

I routinely peruse the cafeteria for my 1:00 a.m.feeding. lt’s fresh, ready, and payroll deductible.  đŸ™‚ Hospital food usually leaves something to be desired, but there are a few select items from the cafeteria that I’ve learned over the years to count on to always be good. Their quesadillas for one.  And their chicken tortilla soup for another. When in doubt, there’s always the salad bar. And I’ve been known to purchase a few of their desserts every now and again. Raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream is my fave and their strawberry margarita cheesecake. My dad has a sweet tooth too, so I often bring home a piece of pie to him for his treat. Coconut cream is his favorite. ♡ 

I stopped in on my last shift and picked up a piece for him with my own dinner purchase, a salad and raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream for me. (You do know that a healthy salad negates the calories in ice cream or cheesecake. Or pie, don’t you?. 🙂 ) You see where this is going I’m sure. When I checked out, there I stood with a healthy salad. And two desserts. 🙂 I’m sure that was a comical sight to see. I have seen the gentleman that assisted me with my purchase many times before as the cashier. We’ve even shared a few words of congenial small talk from time to time upon check out. The Hi! How are you? How about that Thunder game?  kind of small talk. But I’ve never so much as known his name.                                               

Until now. Now I do. 🙂  It is Troy.             He asked me if the two desserts were both for me or if the pie was for my dad. I didn’t realize I’d mentioned living with my dad and bringing him home treats in passing conversation before with a prior purchase.  How touching was that? That he remembered! ♡ That wasn’t just good customer service.  It was third shift in a hospital cafeteria not Mahogany!  The man was not required to cater to his customers. There would be no tip involved in this dining transaction. I love the Troys in the world! ♡ He was just a good guy! He truly cared about people. 

I needed to show him I did too, so I asked him his name and apologized for never doing so sooner. From now on when I buy pie, I will say hi to my friend Troy. Who probably still thinks both desserts were for me. 🙂 

How about you? When was the last time someone surprised you with kind words that made you feel valued, recognized,  or appreciated?  We rarely do it anymore. Talk to strangers. Talk to anyone for that matter. We IM and we text and we tweet. But we rarely talk. Really talk. About our day. Our life. Our hopes and dreams. Our fears. Pay people compliments. Truly engage with others.

I do! 🙂 And I’ll never stop! I love hearing people’s stories! 

Let’s all make an effort to speak to others. From our heart. Say hi in an elevator. Hold a door open for an elderly person and make eye contact and greet them. Learn the names of those you come into contact with regularly.  The mailman. Your child’s school receptionist.  Those that wait on you at familiar stomping grounds. Restaurants.  Convenience stores. Grocery stores.  Pharmacy. Pay a compliment when a compliment is due. Tell your coworker thank you for staying and helping you with a task. Tell your children you’re proud of them. Tell your significant other they look pretty or handsome. And never ever quit telling others you love them. Every day! ♡ And eat more pie! It will make you sweeter! 😉

Kind words are like honey. Sweet to the soul. And much healthier for our body than pie. 🙂 Let’s all make a point to use them! ♡

Kind words are like honey–sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.       Proverbs 16:24

Love and laughter, 



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