Cry Me A River

Good morning! 

Let me remind you. I work in a pre-school. There’s nothing more precious than watching a bunch of 3, 4, and 5 year olds walking around the hallwayss with backpacks larger than they are, Rustic Cuff bracelets on their tiny wrists, Chuck shoes on their tiny feet, and probably iphones silenced in their little Gap back pockets. 🙂 Just kidding on the iphones.

The majority of them are quite independent. They can do it themselves. And they’re not afraid to tell you so. They’re not your mama’s pre-schoolers that’s for sure. 🙂

 It has been a good week thus far. But odds are, there have been more than a tear or two shed. 😦 We’ve seen a few in our own classroom. But only a few. After all, we’ve got the 3 year old class. But it definitely tugs at your heart strings. ♡

For some it’s valid. Separation anxiety. It’s the first time they’ve ever left home.

 And for others it’s all a ploy for mom or dad’s attention.  They know how to work them. What buttons to push. How to turn on and off the tears in a moment’s notice. Once parents are out of sight, the waterworks shut off and their children are just fine. To those, you just want to say, “Cry me a river.” which translates to I’ve seen worse. Don’t be a drama king or queen. It’s not becoming. But we don’t.  We just think it. 🙂

And there are still those who are merely throwing a temper tantrum at hearing the words no, sit, or walk for the first time in their lives. That sounds like it’s not alot different from obedience school for your canine, but I promise it is. 🙂 (Note to parents: Love does conquer all, but discipline is not a bad thing.)

And last but not least there will always be an occasional tear shed in a meltdown due to physical and/or emotional conditions.  Our job is to diffuse that to the best of our ability.

It amazes me to see the growth maturity wise from August to May in these little youngsters. All from a daily routine, an IB curriculum,  a mountain of repetition, a sea of love and the flexibility of a cat to change directions when something’s not working from an all star staff,  a river of praise, and a smidgen of discipline in each of their lives.

Every staff member in our building without a doubt loves our little “friends.” ♡ We’re not in it for the riches.$$$  Our riches come from the growth of our students. From their success in reaching milestones to becoming independent, productive members of our society.

And as we see them grow up and out of our classrooms, we all probably cry a little river ourselves. To ourselves. As we ourselves move out with the old each May and in with the new each August. Out move those precious relationships we built over the school year with each student. Many like our own children or grandchildren. In moves the opportunity to do it all over again.

That’s where joy steps in. Today I heard a laugh. A belly laugh from one of our students that absolutely melted my heart. 

No more tears. It’s August. There’s no crying in baseball and preschool teaching. 🙂 Each day is a new beginning. A new opportunity to touch a life. But for me, I find it’s more of a to be touched by a life. I myself love the challenges in life. The kids that tend to be different.  The ones others don’t warm up to as easily. They touch my life way more than I’ll ever touch theirs. You can bet on that.

The milestones for some of the kids in our classroom may be a little different than others, but they are still milestones. They can be witnessed. They can be measured. I’ll never understand this side of heaven why some of us have to be different than others if God loves us all the same. I just have to accept God knows what He’s doing. He’s given me a heart to see everyone the same. That’s where my faith steps in. Believing in something I cannot see.  I also believe a day will come when there’ll be no more tears. I can’t wait for that day. Not just for me, but for all those out there who’ve had more than their share of tears. I look forward to seeing all mankind together with no more tears. No more pain. No more physical or mental limitations. In our new bodies. Where we’re all finally the same. Then I shall shed one last tear as I cry a river of joy. 🙂

Let’s all be cognicant of tears. They are an outward display of emotion. Of pain. Children need not cry. If it’s physical, let’s be quick to offer a fix. Whether its a bandaid. A hug. Or a trip to the nurse’s office. If someone’s been hurt emotionally let’s be quick to apologize and make it right. Return a taken toy. Reassure mom will be back soon. If it’s just a battle of wills remember who is in charge. Let’s all protect our children, our future generations, from unnecessary tears. Remember Jesus loves them. And so should we! ♡

Here’s the Jenks West Elementary!   May everyone have a wonderful 2016-2017 school year! 

and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.”           Revelation 21:4

Love and laughter, 



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