Don’t Run With Scissors

Good morning! 

I was in the teacher’s workroom this past week preparing name tags for the upcoming school year. The task involved using the laminator.  My favorite part of laminating is cutting the big piece of plastic.With the big scissors. Very big scissors! 

These scissors’ blades are so long they remind me of those you see in ribbon cutting ceremonies. Except they aren’t gold. And we use them every day at the laminator. My first thought when I first saw them was they would be very dangerous to run with. 

Did any of you ever hear the old momism as a child,  “Don’t run with scissors! “?

For those of you that are not familiar with a laminator, it is a device that covers a document or other material with a protective layer on both sides. Usually, this layer is a clear plastic film, which is heat-bonded to the material and offers increased strength, durability and longevity to it. 

Running with scissors has come to mean to live in such a way that you recognize and realize the dangers of your actions, but you continue to participate or perform those actions anyway. 

That’s how many of us go through life. Running with scissors. We know the consequences of consistently sinning in one area or another of our lives, yet we continue to do it. We put our own personal desires above God’s instruction through His word. We do not revere God enough to live according to His will. Instead we pick and choose what parts we want to follow and disregard the rest. We think God’s grace and Christ’s forgiveness will carry us while we continue living according to our own personal agendas. 

That’s not God’s plan. It’s our rendition. Let’s all realize Christ is like that laminator in our lives.  He offers us increased strength, durability and longevity just like that plastic film! For today,  tomorrow,  and always!  ♡ So let’s all envelope ourselves in that safety and always be careful not to run with scissors

What then? Are we to sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means!                                                   Romans 6 : 15

Love and laughter, 



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