Throwing Darts

Good morning! 

I was cleaning out the closet in my T.V. room this past weekend and came across this old dartboard. It no longer hung on the wall waiting for those passing by to pick up a dart and throw at it. The sound of “Bullseye!” was no longer heard as someone hit the mark in the center.

I’ve never been much of a dart player, but I do understand the concept.       . Pick a spot and try to hit it. Aim! 

That’s kind of how it is in life.We are constantly throwing darts so to speak at whatever our current interest may be. Trying to hit the mark. Bullseye!  

Do we succeed or fail due to luck, opportunity,  or hard work? I’m not superstitious. I really don’t believe in luck. I believe in God so I choose to believe it’s our hard work combined with timing and the choices we made to get us there, and a whole lot of  God’s favor that gets us success in life. And i also believe we need those failures we experience from time to time as well. To humble us.. Those times we miss the mark to teach us. To discipline us. To once again focus. Focus on the path God has set for each of us. 

Those times when we miss the mark and fail at what we are attempting are usually because we fail to aim..We just respond in life. With our secular, worldly desires. Without thinking. We are reactive instead of being proactive..Missing the mark is the very definition of the word sin. The Greek word hamartia. 

In what areas of your life do you miss the mark? Fail at something. Either your own skill falls short or you fail to keep the mark God has determined as the bullseye. I know I have mine. 

Let’s all strive to be better throwers. To aim better. To keep our eye on the target. To never lose focus.  Satan is there ready to lure you to his team the moment you let down your guard. Or miss the msrk. Let’s all stop missing the nark. Chr7died for our sin He did not okay us to continue in it. Let’s aim to hear Christ say when it’s all said and done, “Bullseye!”

from which some, having missed the mark, have turned aside to meaningless discourse,                                                            1 Timothy 1:6

Love and laughter, 



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