Clogged Toilets

Good morning! 

I came home from work the other evening to my father informing me that I needed to head straight to his bathroom and unclog his toilet. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything less fun. I work with developmental three year old pre-schoolers. I have young grandchildren, so I’m pretty acclimated to cleaning up poop.

Little bum poop I’m okay with. The slimy pit of a porcelain commode, not so much. 😦

But that’s life. My life anyway. As a caretaker. It’s a sh—- job, but somebody had to do it. No matter what they say, poop stinks! 😦

What slimy pit are you presently wallowing in? What are you doing in life that really stinks?!

Do you realize how many times in life God figuratively speaking has to reach down and rescue us out of a pit of mire? Too many!  Do we thank Him? Do we show our appreciation? Probably not. Like most, we probably pray to be removed from those pits we fall into in life, but once we are rescued we all too soon forget and head right back down that same path spiraling downward once again.

Let’s all make sure our lives are running smoothly. Nothing clogging our designated paths. Asking Jesus to cleanse us if we are noticing areas of our lives that are falling into the mud and mire. A call out to Jesus. No plunger. No Liquid Plumber. No plumber at all. 

But if you need your toilets unclogged, I can offer you a few Pinterest tips to help. First and foremost, to avoid a messy situation take the top off the tank and close the flapper to avoid overflow. If you’re good there, try a couple of cups of hot water. Or a squirt or two of Dawn dish soap, hand soap, or shampoo. And by the way, I successfully unclogged the toilet. 🙂 And No crack was revealed in the process. 🙂

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.     Psalm 40:2

Love and laughter, 



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