Happy Hour

Good morning! 

It’s happy hour at Sonic each day from 2-4. Offering 1/2 price drinks and slushes. 

I’m normally a water girl, but yesterday I wanted a fun drink. A summertime treat.

So I pulled into Sonic at 3:50 p.m. and treated myself to one of my all time favorites,  a vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper with fresh limes. Half price. What a deal! It made me happy! 🙂

Happy hour means different things to different people. It’s a marketing ploy for a dedicated period of time where venues offer discounts on drinks. Usually alcoholic. Sometimes appetizers to go along with them. Today for me it meant half price drinks at Sonic.

It takes very little to make me happy. 🙂 If my cup has a drop in it, I see it as half full. Half price or not. 

I have been blessed with a happy heart.♡ 

I hope you are too! I hope each of you find things to be grateful for each and every day. Things that make your heart happy. A half price drink. A smile from a stranger. Finding just the right pair of shoes you were looking for in your size  on sale. Returning a lost puppy to its owner. An A on a test. A call offering that job you interviewed for. Helping an elderly person carry their groceries. Whatever brings you a happy heart. ♡

Let’s all celebrate happy hour twenty-four hours a day. Seven days a week. By being happy. 🙂 Let’s all have a happy heart. Let’s let it show through a cheerful face. A warm, welcoming smile for others to see the Jesus in each of us. Let’s not let Satan destroy us with heartache or a crushed spirit. That’s not of God. Choose happy. Every hour of every day. And the drinks will be on me! :

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.     Proverbs 15:13

Love and laughter, 



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