Value Meal

Good morning! 

This past Tuesday i met an old friend and her son for dinner at Cafe Ole. A favorite Brookside eatery with a southwestern flair. For TIN PAN TUESDAY. Every Tuesday from 4 til 8 all items on their Tin Pan menu are $2. Mix and match. Street tacos, tamales, empanadas, tecates and more!  And don’t forget the complimentary chips and salsa included to add to the value.

It was an adult’s happy meal! It was the value meal of all value meals! YUM! ♡

What do you consider a good value? What is so valuable to you that you would go and sell everything you had to achieve? 

Value is defined as the importance or worth of something. 

What’s truly important to you? What’s your faith worth to you?

I do love mexican food! But for me the only thing that would be of such value is Jesus. I could have been one of His disciples.  I would have gladly left it all to follow Him. In fact at times i still want to run away from my life as i know it and run to Him. Life’s bumps have caused me not to trust much in things. In people. The only thing i truly value trusting in is Jesus.

i encourage each of you to seek only that which is of value. Worthy. Do not waste your time and energy on cheap imitations. If you find something or someone of great value, hold on to it, cherish it. 

And anyone interested in joining me on Tuesdays at Cafe Ole, I’m just a message away! 🙂

Who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it.                                                             Matthew 13:46

Love and laughter, 



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