There’s No Place Like Home

Good morning! 

Dorothy said it on The Wizard of Oz. And my dad said it as he sat in his favorite recliner.♡

Yesterday my dad returned home after his week stay at the hospital and 10 day visit to the skilled nursing facility. He did remarkably well and was discharged 10 days earlier than scheduled. And one thing’s for sure, he shared Dorothy’s sentiment. There’s no place like home! His own bed. His own chair. His own remote. His own daughter to care for him. Familiarity.  Home is where your heart is. ♡

Where is your heart?  Where do you call home?

We all yearn for that place in our soul to call home. It’s not necessarily a place, sometimes it’s another person, or sometimes it’s more of a feeling. Familiar. Like an old pair of shoes. It’s our comfort zone. Our happy place. Like when you return from vacation. Sure it was beautiful, relaxing.  But once you’re on your way home, you’re usually ready to return. It’s not home. At some point we all long to go back. Home. Even a horse always walks faster on its way back to the barn. It’s innate. It’s how God made us. We go through life searching. Searching for our place. Our purpose. Our home. Where we fit in.I choose to believe none of us are ever fully content until we find that place. There’s a home for each of us here on earth and one for eternity. Heaven. Our true home is with Jesus. 

My father was able to return to his home from a bout with pneumonia. It took a hospital stay for meds, a rehab stay for physical therapy, and countless prayers from those that care, but he’s back. He’s blessed. He’s able to tell others what God did for him. He renewed his strength. My dad’s not ready to yet reach his final home. 

May each of you find your earthly home. Your place you feel love and support.The place you lay your head and your slippers. The place God wants you until it’s time to reach your final home in the company of Jesus.

My dad’s home is back with me in the old family house. The home he built.  The home he shared with my mother the majority of their 54 years together. The home full of memories. It may not have been my original plan for myself in life, but God’s plans are bigger. God’s got me right where he wants me for now I’m quite sure. And evidently my dad, too. And if you’re searching for where you should be in life, just ask Dorothy. She’ll tell you. There’s no place like home! ♡

Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him.                                     Luke 8:39

Love and laughter, 



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