Dear God,

Good morning! 

I came in to work the other night and my new friend that I have been training this month gave this to me. ♡ She has seen me sit and drink coffee night after night. She has heard me say I need to make some big decisions about my present  living conditions.  She couldn’t have been more observant in giving me a more fitting gift! I love it! ♡

What a great reminder!  It’s so easy to sit with our counterparts and visit over coffee about life’s events. Especially the big decisions.  We want someone in agreement before we make the final say on the big decisions we face in life. We all too often don’t trust our own instincts. 

The irony is most of those counterparts we share with have absolutely no control over our situations.  They are mere pawns in the game of life. A sounding board in which we can conveniently vent. When the very entity we need to be talking to, venting to, is our God. He alone has the power to change our circumstances.  To move our mountains. He alone knows the perfect solution to our dilemma. We just need to ask. Can we talk? 🙂

We all should be talking daily to God. All the time. Giving thanks. Confessing our sin. Requesting our needs. It’s called prayer. It really doesn’t have to be formal and fancy. Don’t pray like the Pharisees.  For show. Don’t be religious hypocrites.  We can simply turn to God in prayer. To talk. Like a mother or father, sister or brother, best friend or significant other.  

Just like I do each and every morning when I write my blog.  I grab my cup of coffee, get comfy under my blanket, and say, God, I’m ready, Can we talk?    

Pray without ceasing.                                     1 Thessalonians 5:17

Love and laughter,



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