Assisted Living

Good morning! 

This is a shot of my dad’s new temporary home. ♡ Not too shabby! I stopped in to see him after work this morning.  We are both excited about his little stacation. Hopeful.:)

He’ll be spending his next 20 days here for physical therapy. Rehab.

His 86 year young body needs a little assistance with living. A little strength. Mark my word, it’s certainly not for his mind! It’s sharper than a tack! 

What area of your life do you need a little assistance with living in? A little help.

For me it is staying focused. Completing a task. Whatever it may be for you, just know Jesus is there to help. Just ask. He is there to lean on 24/7. He is there to carry you if you cannot walk. He will keep you on rhe right path.He can offer you nutrition for your spirit. Physical, occupational, and respiratory therapy for your body and soul. He can assist you with every aspect of your life.  His Father created it! 

Let’s all look to our Lord for our assisted living. And let’s be a little kinder, a little more patient with our senior friends. Let’s be quick to offer them a little assistance. Don’t forget, they  are the very ones that offered us assistance with our living when we were young.                  I love you daddy! ♡

Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.                                                          Psalm 71:9

Love and laughter, 



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