Good morning! 

The past several weeks have brought about alot of change in my life. Not this kind of change, although it certainly could be put to good use.  

I’m talking about the kind of change that means to make or become different. 

My circumstances are forcing me to make some necessary changes in my life. Necessary,  but not exactly welcomed. They involve leaving a home of over fifty years for my dad, the home he built with my mother, and spending some money to do some restoration for me. Neither of whicn are in our comfort zone. It overwhelms me. Paralyzes me. I am so afraid of making a wrong choice that I don’t make any. And that IS a choice. A very poor one indeed. Life is about change. With it brings growth.

It’s all a part of the circle of life. Out with the old. In with the new. 

My father’s health. My home’s maintenance.  These things are forcing me to make some changes. Big changes.No more status quo. 

I can face those changes kicking and screaming or I can face them looking forward to a new adventure,  a change of surroundings. The choice is mine. 

On the bright side,  though I may fear the uncertainty that change may bring,  I am encouraged by God’s word that God does not change. No matter what changes life may bring my way, He remains the same. He always loves me. Always protects me.

As I face life’s changes I am thankful for my support system.  I find I do not have to do it alone. Family and friends have fallen into place to offer their advice, their help, and their prayers. Hospital staff have come beside me to explain rehab and insurance. Thank you to each and every one of you! 

 This is all new unmarked territory I am facing.If any of you are facing an aging parent, I encourage each of you to lean on your God. Lean on your family and friends. Take their advice. Many have blazen the same paths before you.  

You are facing change. With it the unknown.  Consider it a new horizon. Be excited. Motivated. Attitude is everything.  I have every intention to put a smile on my face, my big girl panties on my you know where, and a prayer in my heart . Then fake it ’til I make it.:) And get by with a little help from my friends and a whole lot from my God. I’m ready to embrace it. Accept the challenge.

Change here we come! 🙂

17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.           James 1:17

Love and laughter, 



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