59 Days Of Summer

Good morning! 

There are 59 days left of summer. For me, I can’t count down fast enough.  I’m tired of the heat. I’ve stayed in Tulsa this summer working.  How are you spending yours?

59 days of flip flops.beaches, pools, splash pads, mountains, hiking, biking, air conditioning. More than likely you are spending your remaining days in the sun or somewhere cool. 

For those of us either working at schools or attending them, we are already on the countdown of days remaining of summer. Summer break. Number of days left until school starts. Back to work.

We can number our days in a season, a school year, or until a special event. The countdown is finite. But we cannot number our days of life. No one knows the number of days they have to spend here on earth. Except our Heavenky Father. Our creator. With each day we live, we are on the countdown until our final one. For those that believe in Christ,  our days are not numbered. Yes, here on earth, but we will live on for eternity. As we live out each day we are blessed with here on earth, we need to value it’s worth. We need to live with a purpose. Love everyone as God loves with our whole heart. Be wise in our choices, using God’s word as our guiding light. 

We have one chance at this life as we know it. Let’s all live it wisely with no regrets. With a compassionate heart for others. We never know when our number will come up, so let’s make every day count! All 59 of them ’til the end of summer for starters.Stay cool and enjoy your summer! 🙂

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.                 Psalm 90:12

Love and laughter, 



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