Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Good morning! 

Yesterday I cut my lawn. Before I began cutting the backyard I let my dog and my daughter’s two dogs inside to keep them clear of the mower.  When I finished, I went in to cool off. And this is what I found. 

“Let sleeping dogs lie” came to mind. These three were most certainly three of the most peacefully sleeping dogs I’d seen lying around in awhile . On my couch!

The old idiom means to leave things as they are, to avoid restarting or rekindling an old argument; to leave disagreements in the past.

I decided to do just that. Let sleeping dogs lie. Instead of reclining on the couch as I had planned, I decided to leave things as they were. Not interupt their peaceful slumber. I headed upstairs to the shower where I should have gone in the first place.

Do you have any sleeping dogs you need to let lie? Any disagreements in your life that you need to leave in the past? It’s always best to forgive and forget. Just like God does with us. Sometimes you have to just agree to disagree. Then let it go. Always choose peace. Not dissention or division.

Let’s all let sleeping dogs lie.  Unless of course they are sprawled out all over your couch.:) Then you might want to peacefully move them. Let’s all seek peace. No need for stirring up drama, judging others, quarreling over who is wrong or right, or dredging up the past. Instead, let’s all work together in the name of love and multiply our blessings not divide. 

As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him,   Titus 3:10

In honor of dear beloved Penny who’ll be there waiting for you Janie at Rainbow Bridge. ♡   

Love and laughter, 



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