Who Charges Your Battery?

Good morning! 

Our phones play a crucial part in our lives these days. Smart phones have become an extension of our brains. Rarely can you look around and not see someone on theirs. For them to function, it is crucial that we keep their batteries fully charged each day. Without a charge they are worthless. Meaningless. A useless piece of plastic. It’s unfathomable how much battery power we daily use keeping our devices, our toys, and our appliances in operation. .

Who charges your battery? 

Who supplies meaning to your life?

I’m working nights this month. I have to say Starbucks is doing its share to keep my battery charged.  ğŸ™‚ With caffeine. It gives my physical being a boost. But what about my spiritual being? What gives it a boost?  

Right now it’s Lifechurch.  At the movies series. My favorite.♡ For the month of July. Come join me for your spiritual boost. 

My daily time spent with the Lord writing my blog also provides my charge. Listening to where to go with it. Searching God’s word for scripture fitting to my daily subject matter. 

And then there’s prayer. I’m a popcorn pray-er.:) I tend to leave an open line to my power source. At all times. To my God. Then I sporadically pray as I’m driving.  As I’m working. As I’m resting. As I’m about to do a specific task. Face a challenge. See or hear about someone in need of prayer. Prayers for direction. Prayers for need. Prayers for desire. Prayers of thanksgiving. 

We have but one source to turn to to receive our daily charge. That is Jesus. He is always plugged in. All we have to do is allow His power through the Holy Spirit to flow through us. His power supply is endless. There is no amount of AA, AAA, C, D, 9V or any other battery or battery charger in this world that could ever offer us what He does. No gas or electricity. No solar power. There is no other source that offers us living power! He is THE source of living power!  The kind that fills your heart and your soul. That flows forth like an electrical current touching others as it flows.

Let’s all plug into that power source to charge our batteries. Let’s keep that line of power open. Always. 24/7. Flowing. Let’s all keep not only our phones but our souls.                                                     Fully charged!

yet we have but one God, the Father, who is the source of all things and for whose service we exist, and but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom we and all things exist.                                                                     1 Corinthians 8:6

Love and laughter, 



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