Ice Castles

Good morning! 

It’s hot outside!  

For just a moment close your eyes and imagine walking into a castle made entirely of ice. Oohhhh! Sounds refreshing doesn’t it? But not very realistic.  Well it is if you are in Sweden.

Ice is nice.   🙂                                                One of my favorite movies as a late teen  was Ice Castles.It was about an Iowa figure skater aiming for the Olympics that becomes partly blinded. Then there’s Frozen which I’ve watched on numerous occasions with my 2 year old granddaughter who is obsessed with it. I took ice skating lessons as a child. I like ice. I’ve even visited the Minus5° Ice Bar inside the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas one summer which I found quite refreshing in contrast with the scalding temperature outside. But what about actually staying overnight in a room made of ice?

 ICEHOTEL is the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. It was founded in 1989. It melts each summer and a new version of itself is rebuilt every winter as new ice becomes available from the waters of the Torne River. It is located in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi some 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. New teams of artists, designers, and builders meet each year to construct their unique artistic masterpieces. The temperature inside the hotel hovers at a constant of -5 to -7 C.  That includes the bar, the chapel, and the “cold” rooms. Sleeping bags are provided. Bathrooms and restaurants are not. The warm service building houses these and additional “warm” hotel rooms nearby. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience. 

There’s no doubt about it. Ice is nice. For an injury.  For a cold drink. I’m not so sure about for sleeping.  Let’s all step into the coolness of an air conditioned facility when we’ve been out in the summer heat for refreshment. Let’s refresh ourselves with a cool drink on ice when we are parched. But let’s never let our hearts become as cold as ice towards others. Let’s share the warmth of God’s love with all. 

Stay cool my friends! 
From the breath of God ice is made, And the expanse of the waters is frozen.      Job 37 : 10

Love and laughter, 



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