God Has A Plan

Good morning!

This year has been a year of transition for me. I have moved from healthcare to education.  From nights to days. From a short term pay cut in hopes of a long term pay increase. And presently from employed to unemployed. So to speak. 

I have received written confirmation that I will be returning in August when school commences to my same position as para.

But for now, my summer employment with Jenks Public Schools has drawn to a close. Yesterday.

It’s all good. 🙂 No worries. Because I have a plan. I have put a new plan in place for my life. It’s a good plan. A well thought out plan. It’s a plan I’ve prayed about. And one that touches my heart. And for the most part, a plan that I trust is following God’s plan. 

I applied for alternative teaching certification in special education following my 2015-2016 school year’s conclusion and am presently awaiting getting that ball rolling. But I’m at their mercy. All I can presently do is wait. 

I’ve been getting a little antsy as to what the rest of the summer held for me. My plan was to work at the hospital whenever and wherever they could use me. The only uncertainty lie in IF they could use me. 

Last week at the close of my work day I received a text. From my manager in the PICU. Where I have remained on ECB status. Asking me if I could work nights in July to help orientate new hires.             Thank you Becky!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

Just a few short days before I was feeling overwhelmed by my financial situation. Ready to throw in the towel at keeping the old homestead going.

In my distress someone very dear to me was there to encourage me.To assure me not to worry.  To remind me that God has a plan. I heard it. I just didn’t trust it.I didn’t fully believe it.

Now look. I have full time employment for July. 🙂

Indeed God does have a plan.♡ In His timing.

If you are feeling unsure or overwhelmed with your life, your current plan. Just keep believing and taking one day at a time. God does have a plan. For each of us. And if it’s what’s in your heart, more than likely, He’s put it there.♡ Don’t give up. Keep on keeping on every day.Put your trust in God not your own understanding. You’ll eventually get there. But on God’s path not your own. Not the easy way.Not the path of least resistance.  But rather the road less traveled. The path with a lesson around every bend.

Let’s not get discouraged when we can’t see the immediate outcome of our plan. Instead let’s remember God always has a plan. Then let’s be patient. Enjoy the blessings of each new day. Live.each day with a purpose. And let the master plan unfold as God intended. 

11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.                                              Jeremiah 29:11

Love and laughter,


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