Hot! Hot! Hot!

Good morning!

Yesterday was a scorcher! And it’s just June! ūüė¶ I looked at the temperature on my phone mid afternoon and it was 96 with a heat index of 117. This girl was staying inside! With a big tall glass of refreshing ice water!


I don’t know about you, but I am not fond of those kind of temperatures.¬† Sure, a gentle, warm, summer breeze with ocean views is paradise, but not Oklahoma heat!

If I don’t care for them during the brief season of summer each year, I certainly don’t want to spend eternity in them!

Many of us don’t think about that. But the reality of it is laid out before us in God’s word, our blueprint for living.

Many of us go about our daily routines, living our lives to the fullest. Living for the moment. For ourselves. Never once thinking about the final outcome. Where we will spend our final resting place. It’s all about the here and now.

Oh sure, we plan for retirement.  Where we will live. Play golf. Travel. But we fail to truly plan for our eternity. Today matters. How we spend our today’s dictates where our eternity will be spent.

Let’s all invest in our real retirement plan. The one that offers us eternity with our creator. Worshipping our Lord in heaven rather than satan in a restless fiery pit of torment.

The next time those temperatures in your car or on your phone register hot! hot! hot! Think about it. Where do you want to spend your eternity?

And shall cast them into a¬†furnace of fire: there shall be¬†wailing¬†and¬†gnashing¬†of teeth.”
Matthew 13:42

Love and laughter,



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