Good morning!

Last night I had the privilege to celebrate an 81st birthday with a very dear man to me. My high school principal.

Next month I’m anticipating the celebration of a 100th birthday with another dear man, one of my father’s best friends.


We all have them.
And most of us are brought up celebrating them each year. A day shared with family and friends. To honor us. Complete with gifts and cakes with candles and a chorus of  happy birthday to you and a wish culminating the blowing out of the candles.

And for most, the more birthdays we have, the wiser we get.

I have found as the older I get, the more I absolutely adore listening to the stories of the elderly. The wisdom they can offer is phenomenal. The history they have witnessed is mind boggling. If we just take the time to listen. Slow down to a simpler way of living. Put down or turn off our technology for a few minutes and just listen. Try it. 🙂

Another birthday most of us celebrate is the birthday of Christ. We call it Christmas. It’s a birthday we’ve been celebrating for centuries.  And with it also brings many stories offering us wisdom and history.

I encourage each of you to celebrate not only your own birthday,  but birthdays of those much older, wiser. Honor the aged. And don’t forget Christmas.  It’s a birthday as well. It’s not just about Santa Claus and presents for you. Honor Christ.  His father, our creator, is the source of your beginning and your end. Without Him your birthday would be nonexistent. 

Here’s to birthdays!
Here’s to celebrating life!
Life everlasting with Christ.

I hope you had a happy birthday Mr. Fowler! 

Wisdom is with aged men, With long life is understanding.
Job 12:12

Love and laughter,



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