My Pony Boy

Good morning!

Does anyone remember this?


I was walking out of Reasors the other afternoon, and I came upon this little blast from my past. I wondered if children today even know what they are. Or ride them.

Vintage”Kiddie Ride”, mechanical and coin-operated horses were my first introduction to horses. It was my reward for being patient while at the grocery store with my mother.

There began my love of horses. That and a pair of little red cowboy boots. And singing the song My Pony Boy while bouncing atop my dad’s knee.

It wasn’t the real thing. It was imitation. But as a child I didn’t mind. I could gallop away in my imagination. For as far as a quarter would take me. I didn’t need a real horse.

Today I’m older. Wiser. I need the real thing. Not imitation.

What in your life is imitation for the real thing? What are you settling for to replace something better, real, true, authentic?

Let’s not settle for counterfeit. Let’s hold out for the real deal. Everything that glitters is not gold. Especially when it comes to our faith. Let’s only accept the real thing.
No one else can offer us the truth.

Let’s all leave the coin-operated kiddie horses in our past and seek the white horse Revelation tells us is to come with its rider who is called Faithful and True.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
John 4:1

Love and laughter,



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