Down Time

Good morning!

The other morning as I was lying in bed I looked at the clock. I had 2 hours and 11 minutes to spare until I had to be somewhere.  What would I do with that time?

I could watch a movie in its entirety. Watch 4 sitcoms or home do it yourselfer shows on tv. Drive to OKC and back if I drove really fast.

What do you find yourself doing with time to spare? Idle time. Down time.

Cell phones and Ipads have become our solution to “down time”.  Time we would otherwise spend waiting.  At the doctor’s office.  At the airport. While our kids are at practice.


Why not actually talk to someone? The person sitting next to you. Or why not pick up that phone and actually call somebody?  Hear their voice. Truly engage in conversation! Someone you haven’t seen in awhile. Your parent.  Your best friend who moved away. Truly Connect!

Use your time wisely.  You only have one life. One chance at it. 

Let’s all make our down time, up time. Time to cheer someone else up. Lift up their spirits. Invest in them. Let’s not waste our time with meaningless things that simply pass the time away when we can be sharing God’s love to others. Touching lives. Not keypads and screens.

Why not put your phone away every now and again and see what real person to person interaction may bring you? You just might be pleasantly surprised who or what opportunity may cross your path. 🙂

Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered – how fleeting my life is. 
Psalm 39:4

Love and laughter,



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