Strawberry Garden

Good morning!

My lawmower had begun smoking as I was finishing up my weekly yardwork, so I did not finish cutting my backyard last weekend. I received a brand new mower this Saturday, so on Sunday afternoon I began cutting the backyard where I had left off. There is a strip of lawn bordering the fence that separates our house from our next door neighbor’s house that no one ever sees. Our home sits at the bottom of a slight hill, so that particular portion of the yard is often moist and shaded by the brick of the house and fence. My dad recently shared with me that my mother had planned to put in a garden there when they initially built the house close to 50 years ago.

She never got her garden.

Although she often took me, then her granddaughters, to pick every kind of berry imaginable that Oklahoma had to offer. Porter peaches, Stillwell strawberries, blueberries fromThunderbird Berry Farm in Broken Arrow just to name a few.

We have had alot of rain recently, and the grass and weeds were fairly high. As I began cutting that little strip of lawn, this is what I found. It was covered with a ground cover with small white flowers and…


wild strawberries!
It brought a tear to my eye!
Here in a tucked away piece of real estate was my mother’s garden after all! 🙂
I love strawberries! ♡
Especially ones hand planted by God to remind me of my mother.  And revealed to me on a day I missed her so! Mother’s day! ♡

I may be spraying Weed Be Gone on the rest of my yard, but not on this little found treasure!  My newly found little wild strawberry garden would be nurtured with love.

Let’s all nurture with love all the wild things in our lives. Just because they are wild does not mean they are not of value. Just like a diamond in the rough cannot be appreciated for its true beauty, so it is with many wild things. Animals. Mistreated people. Strawberries. They just need our love and attention to flourish.

Let’s all build our houses and open our hearts and our homes to all those wild things in need of love and shelter. Let’s all plant our gardens for God to harvest.  May your produce be abundant. And your strawberries be delectable!

Build houses and live in them; and plant gardens and eat their produce.
Jeremiah 29:5

Love and laughter,



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