Good morning!

What a great evening last night! It was sunny, beautiful blue skies, and a pleasant 73 degrees outside. The four of us staff members in Miss Marilyn’s room all went to watch some of our students play ball. T-ball. The Rangers played the Yankees. We were all about cheering for the Rangers. They were five and under. In fact, two of them just turned four this past week. What cuties!


As you know,  I have 3 daughters. 
I’ve attended more than my share of football games and dance and cheer competitions over the years to watch my girls perform. Then came soccer and track. But this was my first ever T-ball game! 

The rules may have been just a little bit different than the college or pro baseball games I was used to watching. I had been a Diamond Doll, a bat girl, for OSU’s baseball team back in my earlier college days. But this was a new experience for me.

The ball must be hit from the Tee.  One base runs. Two rather than nine innings played. But the spirit per capita from the bleachers and excitement from the players was of equal intensity to any big boy game I’d ever attended. And the snacks at the end of the game were the best! Blue Gatorade and Teddy Grahams!  Yum! ♡ Go moms!

As I watched, I saw so much more than a T-ball game. I saw friendships forming. The boys. Their parents. These boys with dads as coaches and moms and little sisters as cheerleaders were learning how to be a part of a team. To get along with others. To try their hardest. To excel at something they love. To follow the rules. All skills necessary for the game of life.

God’s own word tells us an athlete must follow the rules as he competes in order to achieve a crown. We, too, just like these young boys must follow God’s rules in order to achieve a crown. The crown of life. Let’s all be rule followers.

I have a pretty good idea from the behavior of these little boys in our classroom and character of their parents that these same little boys will be able to trade in their baseball caps and batting helmets for a crown of life when they get big.

In fact the character they already exemplify from their upbringing is that of all stars. Each of us “teachers” received a handmade thank you from these boys for coming to watch them play. That makes them big time winners in my book!  Thank YOU Rangers for warming my heart! ♡


Each of these boys is precious to me. As I’ve spent time with them this past school year, I’ve grown to love them like my own grandson. As well as their precious parents for teaching them what’s important at home. It truly takes a village. To teach our young. I can assure you this little group will be winners both on and off the baseball field. Thank you to each of these families for allowing me the privilege to delve a little deeper last night into who you all are. You’re all #1 in my heart.♡
Go Rangers! 🙂

“An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.”
2 Timothy 2:5

Love and laughter,



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