Phone Date

Good morning!

I have a standing Friday night date.

I got the call yesterday afternoon at 4:20 P.M.
Weather was not in our favor.
Travel conditions prohibited the evening’s flight plans.
There would be no Friday night date. 😦
I couldn’t hide it. I couldn’t fake it.
My disappointment was evident through the silence on my end of our telephone connection. I had no idea you could actually hear a tear drop.

What a guy! ♡
He not only sensed my disappointment, he gave me the next 49 minutes of his time to lift my spirits. 
And he had a plan B. 🙂

Back in the day we had only one telephone company.  The Bell System. Their slogan was “Long-distance is the next best thing to being there”. “Reach out and touch someone”.

And that’s exactly what he did!
He reached out and touched someone.
We had a phone date. ♡


At 7:49 my phone rang. I was ready. Except this time my little black dress was replaced with a T-shirt and pajama pants. But I still had my glass of wine poured in front of me! We spent one hour two minutes and eight seconds in uninterrupted conversation.  Just like if we were sitting next to each other over dinner.

It takes a special man to talk on the phone two hours in one day for a woman. I love that man! ♡

Who says you can’t make long distance relationships work?  🙂

Let’s all cherish our relationships, not take them for granted. Let’s all do what it takes to make them work. Be creative.  Be different. Reach out and touch someone! Make a phone date with your significant other. Let words only be your focus. Not words just about the kids, the bills, Saturday’s rundown of activities.  Words of affection and affirmation. Try it. You just might love it! ♡ I did! 🙂

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24

Love and laughter,



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