Good morning!

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of bacon frying to start your day. It’s gotta be America’s favorite breakfast food. I’d bet at least for most males. 🙂 But it’s no longer seen just on the breakfast table anymore.


We live in a country where bacon has become quite the obsession.  You can find bacon included in recipes for breakfast foods, appetizers, salads, vegetables, main courses, and even desserts. There’s burgers with bacon jam to chocolate covered bacon. My favorite is bacon-wrapped jalepeno poppers fresh off the grill! Yum yum! 🙂
And there’s nothing better than a BLT made with a garden fresh tomato!

Who doesn’t love bacon?

I’ll tell you who.
The Israelites.
Biblically speaking, the Old Testament instructed us not to eat bacon.
But is it really wrong to eat bacon?
According to Deuteronomy 14:8, “The pig is also unclean; although it has a split hoof, it does not chew the cud. You are not to eat their meat or touch their carcasses.”

To really understand the bible, we need to read it in context. God was speaking to the Israelites. a specific group. Not us. His chosen people. It was the law given to Moses to give to his people that were being defiant.

Ephesians 2:12-16 explains Christ’s role in abolishing that restriction. 12 “remember that you were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. 13 But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. 14 For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility 15 by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances, that he might create in himself one new man in place of the two, so making peace, 16 and might reconcile us both to God in one body through the cross, thereby killing the hostility.”

With Jesus came the New Testament. In Mark 7:15, Jesus said, “Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them.” 
In Mark 7:18-19 Jesus asks, “Are you without understanding? Don’t you see that nothing that enters a person from the outside can defile them? For it doesn’t go into their heart but into their stomach, then out of the body.” (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods clean.)’

Whether you’re a University of Arkansas Razorback fan or just like pork, pigs, hogs, bacon, ham, pork chops, it’s all good.  It’s not what goes into the mouth, but rather, what comes out of it that is bad.

In Mark 7:20-23 Jesus goes on to say,  “What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. 21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. 23 All these evil things come from within and defile a man.”

Let’s all watch our thoughts and our mouths. What comes out of them. Let’s let it only be edifying to others.  And let’s all enjoy, with moderation,  what we put into them.
Now who wants bacon?
Bet you can’t guess what I made for breakfast. 🙂

Love and laughter,



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