Full service

Good morning!

This is the only full service gas station I am aware of left in Tulsa.


Reeders at 21st and Lewis.

It may cost you a bit more to fill up there, but for all those in the Utica Square area, especially the elderly, it’s a godsend!

Do any of you even remember a time when someone else pumped the gas for you? Washed your windows? Checked your fluids and tire pressure?


Rain or shine! Hot or cold! Service with a smile!

I’m more of a girly girl. Cars and lawns were always the men in my life’s expertise. Besides gas and oil, I’m not so sure which fluid goes where for the most part, so I liked that service. Now I just fill my own gas tank and rely on my routine Jiffy Lube visits for the rest.

How about you? Are you a self service or full service kind of guy or gal?

I’m definitely self service when it comes to myself.  Taco Bueno and Taco Bell are my go to-s. I get my own gas at QuikTrip. And an occasional drink or hot dog.  I’m one of those girls that gets ready in 15 minutes or less. But when it comes to others, I’m full service all the way! I love waiting on others. I truly have a aervant’s heart. I used to be the one that hosted every event when my home and budget so accommodated. I’m uncomfortable accepting others serving me.

Who do you serve? Who do you expect to serve you?

Let’s all serve more and expect to be served less. That’s God’s plan. Jesus is the prime example.  I know I serve a God that offers me full service when it comes to His love and protection. It never ends. That beats the service of any gas station in town!

1. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. 
Mark 10:45

Love and laughter,



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