Schools (Almost ) Out For Summer

Good morning!

School is almost out for the summer. Thanks to a mild winter and no snow days this year, the official last day has been moved up a week. Only 26 more school days left for Jenks West Elementary. 🙂


I’m ready to break out into the chorus of Alice Cooper’s 1970’s hit, School’s Out (For Summer).

It’s difficult to tell when schools are out for summer these days. There’s no tell tale signs out and about anymore. No bikes in driveways, kid’s screams and laughter heard in the neighborhood streets. For most, social media has become our “outside play”. Kids of all ages stay indoors. They pkay by themselves. There’s no longer a barrage of neighborhood kids running the streets playing outdoors ’til dark like when I was a child. Most moms stayed at home back then and watched out for them. You played ball, rode bikes or skate boards, roller skated, sat outside and made clover necklaces and caught lightning bugs. Everyone had the same house rules. You had to ask to stay at someone’s house and be in when it got dark. With special permission you could sit out front in someone’s yard and tell ghost stories, listen to music on an AM/M radio, lay in the grass and look up at the stars, or play flashlight tag after dark. If you were really fortunate you could swim in someone’s pool or jump on someone’s trampoline. I was blessed. We had a pool. It gave me instant friends.  🙂

What will you be doing this summer? What fun activities do you have planned for yourself and your little ones?

I encourage you to not make it a summer of all TV, computer, iPad, or smartphone time. Give your technology a rest! Get some fresh air and good old fashioned vitamin D!  Play outside in the sun! Visit the zoo or a splash pad. The Aquarium.  Museums. Go to an outdoor movie or concert or festival. Grow a garden. Or pick someone else’s berries if you don’t want to grow your own. Go swim in one of Oklahoma’s rivers or lakes. Go camping. Even if it’s just in yoir own backyard! There are numerous nature trails to hike.Take your dog to one of Tulsa’s dog parks. Visit an amusement patk. Volunteer! All these ideas are within your reach and budget, most are free!  🙂

God has created a beautiful masterpiece called nature for us all to experience.  It’s all around us.  I urge each of you to go enjoy it! The land, the waters, the skies with their magnificent sunsets, the animals. God created them all. And when He did, He said, “It was very good!” Very very good if you ask me! I encourage you to go experience it for yourself! God did not create Facebook and PC games. Those are all man made. Try getting social literally not virtually.Spend some real FaceTime with those you love.The kind God created not man. Face to face. Let’s all use those smart devices now before school is out and see what fun adventures we can plan before school’s out for summer!

“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” -Genesis 1:31

Love and laughter,



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