Scents That Make Sense

Good morning!

We were sitting around the lunch table the other afternoon in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week. We all had just received candles as a gift from one of our students.


We each had a different scent to match our favorites list we had supplied at the beginning of the school year.  We were comparing aromas. Before we knew it, the conversation led to “Wouldn’t you love to have that job? You know, the one to name all the different candle scents.”

We began naming our own. The names we’d create for our favorite candle scents: Midnight Waterfall. Blissful Dreams. Tranquil Tide. Garden of Eden.Then came the ones that are our reality: Eau de Poop. Burning Kernels. Baby Wipe Toilette.  Zest Of Hand Sanitizer.  The list went on.

How about you? Have you ever wondered who gets those awesome positions in life?  And why don’t they ever show up in our local paper’s classified ads for employment when we’re looking? And what would you name your favorite candle scent?

If God were to name the scent of your aroma what do you think He would call it?

My candle would most likely contain two fragrances and bear two wicks. “Heart Afire” would burn brightly.  “Off The Beaten Path” would not. That side would represent my selfish worldly side. Those times when I’m not walking with the Lord as He’d like me to be. It would smell like a dusty barren road in the dead of summer’s heat as opposed to it’s other half which would smell like freshly cut roses and just baked cupcakes and children’s laughter and puppies all blended together into the most delightful of smells.

Let’s all be the sweet aroma God intended us to be! Let’s let our scents make sense! Let’s let our fragrance spread like a field of wildflowers to those around us. Let’s spring forth and not perish.

For we are to God the sweet aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.
2 Corinthians 2:15

Love and laughter,



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